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About Airaro
Energy Solutions

Water Purifiers manufacturers and suppliers LOCATED IN New DElhi, India.

Airaro Is A Reputable Producer and Supplier Of Air and Water Filters.

Looking for a new way to beat the heat? Try airaro!

With Airaro Water Purifiers, You Can Enjoy Your Water Without The Taste Of Chlorine.

India's Purest Water, Discover
The Joy of Drinking Water
With - Airaro Energy Solutions

Our technical staff is well-trained and aware that every customer is different and has specific needs

1. Value for Money

If you’re looking for an affordable RO water purifier for your home and workplace, Airaro Water Purifier is your one-stop shop.

2. Team of Experts

The knowledgeable staff at Airaro’s working place will completely understand your needs and present you with the best solutions.  

3. Innovative Solutions

We are aware that every customer is unique, and everyone has individual requirements. We give each request top priority and provide creative solutions as needed.  

4. Quality

We are quite proud to claim that we have consistently provided top-notch solutions. Whether a little demand or a significant product.  

Why Airaro Water Purifiers?


The leading manufacturer of water purifiers is Airaro Energy Solution. Mr Shiva Yadav, the company’s founder, created the brand Airaro in 2017. His qualifications are well known in the market due to his dedication to work and persistent faith in innovations. The company wants to offer the market cutting-edge, innovative, and defect-free items. Drink clean water every day with Airaro’s water purifiers. which is one of the best water purifiers designed to produce a healthy and pleasant environment. The RO, UV, ALK+CU, and other cutting-edge features of the water purifiers help to reduce hazardous bacteria, viruses, germs, and dust particles from the contaminated water.
We are the first business in India to provide unique purifying solutions. Since everyone has different demands and different types of water to use, Airaro Energy Solution understands this and provides a variety of purifiers based on their requirements.

Airaro Water Purifier Process



The Millennium pre-filter is a sediment/carbon block cartridge designed to remove contaminants down to a 5-micron level, including chlorine, taste, and odour.

Active Carbon

Before water is appropriate for disposal or use in manufacturing operations, organic compounds and free chlorine are frequently removed from it using activated carbon filters.


It acts as a barrier against various sediments or suspended particles. Physical pollutants including dust, dirt, sand, silt, clay and other solid particles are filtrated or prevented by it.

Ro Membrane

The RO membrane is the most crucial of these filters. Only pure water can travel through the thin, semi-permeable membrane since it has tiny pores on it. On the other side, the impure water is expelled from the water purifier

Alkaline Cartridge

Alkaline cartridges assist in producing clean, healthy water for you and your family. These purifiers adjust pH levels in addition to removing dangerous chemical pollutants to provide your body with the nutrition it needs.

Copper Cartridge

Copper Cartridge gives pure drinking water a calming and sweet flavour, active copper cartridges, sometimes referred to as copper alkaline filters are inserted after RO membrane filters.